AdPEE - Accademia del Paziente Esperto EUPATI

Accademia del Paziente Esperto and the EUPATI European Project
EUPATI is a European project, created with the aim of disseminating knowledge about Research and Development of Medicines and therapeutic innovations to all citizens.
It was initiated, created and led by patient associations from all over Europe, grouped in 4 major federations EPF, Eurordis, EATG and EGAN.

The EUPATI Expert Patient Course has landed in Italy thanks to the EUPATI Expert Patient Academy.

It is in-depth, free of charge and intended for Patients, Patient Association Representatives and Caregivers.
The contents are produced and verified by all parties involved in the lifecycle of a medicine, i.e. Academics, Researchers, Patients, Pharmaceutical Companies, Institutions and the National Regulatory Agency (AIFA), in order to guarantee independence and transparency.

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